How to Find USPS Missing Mail & Lost Packages

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Here we’ve shared information on how to find USPS missing mail or lost packages. Read the information below to know what to do if your mail item or package is missing. Every mail item or package is important and that’s why people rely on USPS to send or receive their mail items as USPS is the most reputed postal service which is currently providing services to more than 220 countries around the world.

USPS takes full responsibility for providing mail services and completing every shipment successfully. When you mail item of a package is lost or delayed, USPS will help you in finding it. Here are few things you need to do if you think your mail or package is lost or delayed.

Few things to do before you begin:

Before assuming that your mail or package is lost, there are few things you need to do,

Track Your Package: The first thing you need to do is visit and track your package. A tracking number is required to track a package, find your tracking number and then simply track a package to see the current status.

Check Delivery Standards: USPS offers different mail services and the delivery standards of each service are different from the other. So, before assuming that your package is lost or missing, you need to check the mail delivery standards.

Find USPS Missing Mail, USPS Missing Mail

Informed Delivery Users: Check a digital preview of your incoming mail as informed delivery comes with this option. There may be occasions where a mailpiece may be delayed in reaching its destination. For more information, visit Informed Delivery FAQs.

How to Submit a Search Request?

If you can’t find any useful information through tracking and your mail or package hasn’t arrived even after 7 business days then submit a Missing Mail Search Request. Provide the following information to submit a search request;

  • Sender & Recipient mailing address
  • Type & size of container or envelope you used
  • Identifying information such as your Tracking number, the mailing date from your mailing receipt, or Click-N-Ship label receipt
  • Description of the contents such as what it is and the brand, model, color, or size, if applicable
  • Pictures that could help us recognize your item

You will receive a confirmation email from USPS upon the successful submission of Missing Mail search request. USPS will keep you updated about the search updates. If USPS find your mail or package, then it will be sent to the address you provided.

Also, note that there are situations where USPS cannot find missing mailpieces. It is also possible that your package or mail will not be recovered because it was not safe to forward.

Q) What to do if USPS cannot find My Package?

A) Following are the things you can do if USPS can’t find or locate your mail or package.

Request a Refund:

You will be able to request a refund if your service has a money back guarantee such as Priority Mail Express. Learn here how to request a refund

File a Claim:

If you have an insurance with your mail or package then you will be able to file an insurance claim. It is recommended to file a claim immediately for missing or damaged contents. Make sure to file a claim within 60 days from the date of mailing.  Learn here how to file a claim

Final Thoughts:

Now you know what you need to do if your mail or package is missing. Make sure to check USPS tracking service and check mail delivery standards before submitting a search request. If you have any other query related to this topic then please visit the official FAQ’s page of

Keep on USPS Guide for more useful information related to USPS.

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