How Does USPS Tracking Works – Complete Working Process

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United States Postal Service is the most reputed & trusted authority which is used by people around the U.S. and across the world to send & receive their important mail items & packages. USPS provides services to more than 220 countries around the world which itself shows popular it is and how much people rely on USPS. There are many big & small business which are entirely running due to the brilliant mail services of USPS.

If you’re using USPS services then you must have heard about USPS Tracking. Through this post, we’re going to share information on “How Does USPS Tracking Work”. Many people have this query or questions related to the working process of USPS tracking. Before proceeding to that, let’s understand what USPS tracking is.

What is USPS Tracking?

In general, a tracking means observing any particular thing on the move and a tracking system provides a timely ordered sequence of location data to a model and depicting the motion on a display. USPS Tracking allows users to track their mail items & packages till it reaches a destination. This service provides a sense of security to the user that their mail items are secure. A user can see the real-time tracking information along with the virtualized delivery path with the help of google maps. To track a package, you need to visit and enter a unique number i.e Tracking Number to track your package.

How Does USPS Tracking Works?

Now you know what USPS tracking is so let’s understand how this process of USPS tracking works. It’s a quite interesting process to understand.

  • A unique number i.e. Tracking Number is assigned to each & every mail item which is shipped through USPS. So, whenever a post office receives a mail to be delivered, the workers at post office assign a unique tracking number.
  • The mail is sent for delivery after a tracking number is assigned.
  • The mail item or package has a barcode or label which is scanned several times till it reaches a destination.
  • The whole tracking process works or depends on the scanning process only. The tracking information is updated each time a mail item or package is scanned. That’s why you get the more accurate location of your item through USPS tracking mechanism.
  • There are various ways through which you can track your package. The most common one is to visit, enter your tracking number, and click on “Track Package” button.

If you have any other query or questions related to USPS Tracking then it is recommended to read: a complete guide on USPS Tracking (Everything You Need to Know).


USPS Tracking is one such service which is extremely important & helpful for users. This service makes the whole process of sending & receiving mail items easy & trackable. Now you know what USPS tracking is and how it works. Keep checking USPS Guide for more important information related to the USPS.

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