How to Request Doorstep Mail Delivery in Case of Medial Problem

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USPS Doorstep Mail Delivery: United States Postal Service delivers mail items & packages as part of their daily job. People use USPS services because USPS is the most reliable & trusted source when it comes to send & receive important mail items. Usually, the customer or users receive their mail items in their mailbox. The job of the letter carrier is to put the mail in a mailbox and then a user can collect all the mals from the mailbox. If a signature is required then the letter carrier will deliver a mail after the signature of authorized personnel only. It’s a pretty simple process where you need to only check your mailbox for new mail items & packages.

But what if there is some medical emergency or the customer is medically ill or not in a good health condition to go out & collect mail packages from the mailbox? This type of situation arises and that’s why USPS has a solution to this problem. If you’re facing this type of problem then you can avail a Door Delivery service with USPS. This service will enable you to get the letters delivered to your door. Read the information below to learn how to avail this service or how to get mail delivered to the door.

How to Get Mail Packages Delivered to the Door?

If you are in a medical situation where you cannot or unable to collect your mail packages from the mailbox then here is a service which you can avail and the letter carrier will deliver all your letters and packages to your door. Here is what you need to do.

  • In order to avail this service, you need to first write a hardship mail delivery letter and submit that to the post office.
  • Make sure to attach the doctor statement with the hardship mail delivery letter. You’re writing this letter to change the current or the existing delivery point so make sure to mention that in your letter.
  • The statement of the doctor is the most important aspect of this letter which is needed to be attached. The post office will take further actions depending upon the statement of the doctor.
  • The doctor’s statement will be checked properly by the post office. The post office will see the reasons for the need for this service.
  • After checking both the hardship mail delivery letter and the statement from your doctor,  the post office will either agree to your request or reject your request, if they do not find their investigation satisfactory.
  • The post office will not approve the request until they find the valid reasons. Your request will be approved only if it is found that you cannot pick the mails from the mailbox because it is situated at a distance.

You must address your hardship mail delivery letter to:


United States Postal Service

City, State Zip Code

Final Thoughts:

Use this service if you’re in a medical condition where you cannot collect mail packages from the mailbox. Now you know how to avail of this service, so write a hardship mail delivery letter with attached doctor’s statement and submit it to the post office.

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