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USPS Certified Mail is another useful service which provides a confirmation that a mail item or package has reached the destination successfully. Basically, USPS certified mail return receipt service provides a mailer delivery proof or record. If you are having any important, legal or any confidential mail to send then use this service to ensure that a package has reached the destination successfully. The sender receives a mailing receipt after a recipient signs an envelope or package. You can also receive a copy of the recipient’s signature by purchasing return receipt service.

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USPS Certified Mail Return Receipt

A domestic certified mail receipt is available at the time of mailing and provides the sender a mailing receipt and electronic verification that a package has been delivered or an attempt to deliver a package has been made. It is important to note that there are two options available for return receipt at the time of mailing.

  • Purchase of Electronic Return Receipt: The sender will receive a proof of delivery signature data by email. 
  • Purchasing a Return Receipt using a PS Form 3811: Domestic Return Receipt provides you with a hard copy ‘green card’ receipt by mail that includes the recipient’s signature.

Proof of delivery includes the following information:

  • Date of Delivery.
  • Signature of Recipient.
  • Information about the recipient’s actual delivery address, if different.

How Much Does Certified Mail Receipt Costs?

It costs $6.74 to send a 1-ounce  Certified Mail letter with Return Receipt Requested service (old fashioned green card).

How Does PS Form 3800 Looks Like

Check out the front & back side of PS Form 3800 from below;

PS Form 3800 Front:PS Form 3800 Back:



Final Thoughts:

USPS Certified Mail is one of the most used services which comes very handy when it comes to sending important, legal or confidential mail packages. The sender will receive a mailing recipient with receiver’s signature which ensures that a package has reached the destination and received successfully. Use this service if you need a confirmation or proof of delivery.

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