USPS Domestic Return Receipt PS Form 3811 – How to Fill

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USPS Domestic Return Receipt PS Form 3811 is a document that is issued by the USPS. This form is used by users to request evidence of mail delivery. Date of delivery, recipient’s signature, and delivery address are provided in the Return Receipt. As a mailer, you get the legal confirmation of the delivery or delivery attempt with this form. You will also get information such as who accepted the delivery, and on which date delivery is made.

Basically, the return receipt provides the confirmation of the delivery. Also, note that Return Receipt service  is available only in conjunction with the Certified Mail service, including the following domestic services:

  • Priority Mail;
  • Priority Mail Express;
  • First-Class Packages;
  • First-Class Mail.

What to do If you did not receive a USPS return receipt?

In such a situation, you can request the delivery information via the PS Form 3811-A, Request for Delivery Information/Return Receipt. Make sure to submit the request within 90 days from the date indicated on the mailing receipt. You will need to verify that you paid the return receipt fee.

USPS Domestic Return Receipt PS Form 3811

This is how the PS Form 3811 looks like. You can download the PDF of this form from the “Important Links” section of this form. Below you can find the information on how to fill this form.

Front Side

Back Side

How to Fill out PS Form 3811?

Follow the instruction below to fill out the PS form 3811

  • A sender needs to complete Item 1, 2, and 3.
  • Item 1: Add the delivery address here, the address has to be domestic as we are using domestic return receipt.
  • Item 2: Write down the Article Number here. You can find the address on the left edge of the certified mail receipt.
  • Item 3: Choose the service type.
  • On the backside of the form, you need to write down your name, address, Zip code where you want the receipt to be returned.

Upon the mail delivery, the recipient has to sign the document, mention the date of delivery, mention his name, and confirm whether the address is the same as written in Item 1. The mail can be received by the addressee or a designated agent which could be a secretary or a family member. Upon delivery, the completed form is removed from the envelope and returned to the sender with the necessary information.

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