USPS Hold Mail Service FAQ’s – Most Commonly Asked Questions

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USPS Hold Mail Service FAQ’s: Use the service Hold Mail if you want to put a temporary hold on all your mail items which are shipped through USPS. This service offers a temporary hold on mail items for not more than 30 days. All the mail items will be accumulated at the post office and will be delivered on the last date of hold mail service. People often use this service when they are headed out of town or leaving home for a few days. The purpose of using this service is to secure the important mail items. Read a complete guide on USPS Hold Mail to understand more and knows how to signup for USPS hold Mail.

People have a lot of queries related to Hold Mail and through this post,t we’ll be answering the most commonly asked questions about USPS Hold Mail Service. Check out the next section to get an answer to your hold mail related queries or questions.

Most Commonly Asked Questions on USPS Hold Mail Service

Below you can find answers of 10 most commonly asked questions about USPS Hold Mail Service.

Q1) How to Submit a Hold Mail Request?

A) Visit, check if hold mail request is available at your address or not. If available, then simply select the dates for your hold mail request to schedule it.

You can submit a hold mail request via telephone as well by calling at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) 

Q2) For how much post office will hold mail items?

A) The minimum duration is 3 days and the maximum duration is 30 days. If you want to hold mail for more than 30 days then use USPS Premium Forwarding Service for that as hold mail requests cannot be made for more than 30 days.

Q3) My Hold Mail Request did not Start/ Stop as requested?

A) In such a situation, you need to get in touch with the customer support by calling at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777). Make sure to call at normal working hours only.

Q4) Who can submit Hold Mail Request?

A) A hold mail request can be generated and filed by any person at that address or your authorized agent can also submit the request.

Q5) How do I receive my accumulated mail items?

A) All the accumulated mail packages are delivered on the last date of hold mail request by a letter carrier. You can choose to pick up your mail at a local post office. While submitting the hold mail request, you’ve two options, First one is to pick up mail at your local post office and the second is that your letter carrier will deliver your mail on the ending date of hold mail as specified by you. You can choose any option as per your convenience.

Q6) How to Edit or Cancel Hold Mail Request?

A) We have already a separate post on this topic. Please read here for the answer:

Q7) Can you Authorize some to pick up hold mail?

A) The answer is yes. You can authorize or send someone to pick your accumulated mails at the post office. For that, you need to first authorize someone to pick your accumulated mail items by giving it in writing to the Post Office. And that person must carry his photo I.D to the post office to give a proof of his/her identity.

Q8) What is Hold For Pickup?

A) Hold for pickup service notifies the recipient by email, phone, SMS/ text message whenever a package is available for pickup. This service claims to offer a guaranteed delivery to a designated Hold For Pickup location.

Q9) How to Hold Mail for more than 30 days?

A) The USPS offers hold mail service for not more than 30 days. In case, if you want to hold mail for more than 30 days then use USPS Premium Forward mail service.

Q10) Why will I start receiving Regular Mail?

A) You will start receiving regular mail packages once you picked up or all your accumulated mail packages are delivered.

Final Thoughts:

USPS Hold Mail is a great service when it comes to putting a hold on mail items for a few days. Secure all your mail items with this service. If you’re heading out of town or leaving for a meeting or vacation then use this service to receive all the accumulated mail packages once you returned. Most of the frequently asked questions are answered above, if you have any other query then leave a comment below.

Keep on checking USPS Guide for more useful information about USPS and other shipping companies.

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