How Long Does USPS Hold Undelivered Packages?

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United States Postal Service is the most reliable service when it comes to send & receive mail items or packages. USPS provides services to more than 220 countries around the world. Many businesses depend entirely on the USPS for their business. Postal workers are committed to their work and deliver the mail packages on time. But there are few situations or circumstances which may permit a mail carrier not delivering the package such as;

  • Nobody at destination address to pick the package,
  • A package is too big for a mailbox i.e. the size of mail packages exceeds the size of a mailbox,
  • A signature is required and the authorized person is not available to sign,
  • Extreme bad weather conditions,

As per the USPS guidelines, a letter carrier cannot leave a package on the front porch or near the mailbox. If a package requires a signature or needs to be given into the recipient’s hand then the postal worker knocks on the addressee’s door. If there is no response, the worker has two options;

  1. He/She may take the package back to the post office and try or attempt to deliver it the following day.
  2. He will leave an official PS Form 3849 which is also known as a Delivery Notice.

If a customer has received an official PS Form 3849 then they can request redelivery or can pick up the item at the post office where it is being held. Now the question comes i.e. How Long Does USPS Hold Undelivered Packages?

How Long Does USPS Keep Undelivered Mail or Packages?

Answer: Most packages are held for 15 days. If the addressee does not claim the package within this time period, then the package will be returned back to the sender address. Packages on which the return address is missing or illegible typically go to a lost mail department.

It is recommended to take immediate actions within the 15 days only to get your important mail item or package. Also, note that the 15-day holding period typically starts on the date of the first delivery attempt. Act quickly to ensure smooth redelivery or package pickup.

Final Thoughts:

As mentioned above that most packages are held for 15 days. So, make sure to take action within 15 days only. Make sure to be present at the time mail delivery. Use USPS Tracking to track down your packages and know the estimated day of mail or package delivery.

Keep checking USPS Guide for more important and useful information related to USPS and its services.

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