USPS Signature Confirmation – Cost, How it Works

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USPS offers multiple services to provide benefits, security, and reliability to its users. People trust USPS when it comes to send & receive important mail packages and that’s why USPS is offering services to more than 220 countries around the world. There are many useful services such as USPS Tracking, Hold Mail, Certified Mail, Registered Mail etc. Through this post, we’re going to talk about USPS Signature Confirmation services.

USPS Signature Confirmation Service provides a sense of security to the sender that their mail item is secure and will reach the right recipient. Let’s understand what USPS Signature Confirmation service is, how it works and what is the cost.

USPS Signature Confirmation

Under this service, the signature of the recipients is required. The package will be delivered only after the recipient submit their signature as they receive the shipment.

This service is a one way to secure that the package is secure as a signature is required from a person who is receiving the package. To make it even more secure, you can use the service of Restricted Delivery along with this Signature Confirmation service. This will require the recipient of the package to show his ID in order to receive the package.

Signature Confirmation helps users or senders to track and confirm;

  • the date and time your shipment has been delivered
  • and who received it.

This information is available to you for one year after delivery. This service is best for those who need an assurance that the package is received by human hands and not left on a doorstep or in a hallway.

USPS Signature Confirmation Costs

The cost of signature confirmation service is $2.90 if you purchase it at a Post Office and $2.45 if you buy the service online.

Signature confirmation is included in some services and available to others:

  • Included for free with these domestic services:
    • Priority Mail Express
  • Available for an extra fee with these domestic services:
    • Priority Mail
    • Parcel Select
    • First Class
    • Media Mail
  • Limited availability for these destinations:
    • Military Mail (APO/FPO destinations)
    • Certain Freely Associated States
  • Not available on international shipments.

How does USPS Signature Confirmation Work?

It’s pretty simple to buy and use this service. You can buy this service either from the post office at the time of mailing or you can add it online to your mail piece before you print your postage.

This is what you need to do;

  • Fill the PS Form 153.
  • Attach the PS Form 153 barcoded label portion to your mail.
  • Confirm whether you want to get a copy of the delivery record by fax or by mail.
  • Pay the fees.

USPS Signature Confirmation Form:

This is how Signature Confirmation form i.e. PS Form 153 looks like this:

PS Form 153:

Signature Confirmation Form, USPS Signature Confirmation, USPS Signature Confirmation Cost, USPS Signature Confirmation Work

Final Thoughts:

If you’re sending something important and you want an assurance that a package is received by human hands and not left on the floor then use signature confirmation service. This service is one of the ways to ensure that the package has reached the human hands safely. You can also add this service with restricted service in order to make it more secure. Now you know what this service is and how it works. Use it as per your choice.

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