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USPS Tracking Not Updating: USPS tracking is a service which allows users to track their mail items or packages. If you’re using USPS mail services then you might know what USPS tracking is & how to use it. A unique tracking number is allocated to each mail item which is shipped through USPS and this tracking number is used to track the mail items or packages. So, find the tracking number, go to to track down your package.

People have many queries when it comes to USPS tracking such as what is a tracking number, how to or where to find the tracking number, is it possible to track a package without tracking number etc. USPS tracking works absolutely fine most of the time, but there may be few circumstances where the tracking is not updating.

Why is USPS Tracking not Updating?

If your tracking is not updating or you cannot see any progress in your tracking dashboard or you see “USPS delivery status not updated” then there might be many reasons behind that (read the next section to know the reasons).

One thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re entering the correct tracking number. Check the tracking number properly to make sure it’s correct. Following are the place where you can find a tracking number.

  • Post Office shipping receipt
  • Sales receipt if you bought insurance at the Post Office
  • USPS Email confirmation, in case you shipped from
  • Shipping confirmation Email received from an online retailer
  • See a bottom peel-off portion of USPS Tracking label
  • The back of the orange slip you received if you missed a USPS delivery

If your tracking number is correct and stills you cannot see any updates in your tracking dashboard then there might be something wrong on the letter carrier side.

Possible Reasons behind USPS Tracking Not Updating

USPS tracking is an end to end mechanism where a barcode is scanned when it moves from one place to another. A barcode is scanned several times till a package reaches its destination. The updates you see on tracking dashboard is only because of the barcode scanning. We’ve shared a separate post of how USPS tracking works, but as of now let’s understand the possible reasons for tracking not updating.

Here are few reasons of USPS not updating:

  • Package Not Scanned: As mentioned earlier that a tracking is updated each time a package is scanned by the shipping carrier. It might be possible that a package has not scanned by the shipping carrier due to any reason. If a scanning is not done then tracking won’t update.
  • Weather Conditions: Bad weather plays a major hindrance in a package reaching the destination on time and it could be one of the reasons why your tracking is not updating. The package might get stuck and that’s why you can’t see any latest updates on the package.
  • Packages are not scanned at intermediary stops: There are intermediary stops where a package scanned before it reaches the destination. There might be chances that a package is not scanned at intermediary stops due to unavoidable reasons or circumstances.
  • Broken or Unscannable Barcode: There might be chances that a barcode is broken or not in a condition to get scanned properly.
  • Delay on the part of carrier: There might be a delay on the part of the carrier and that’s why your tracking is not updating. There are other situations as well such as during holiday period USPS may skip the scanning process in order to handle the huge number of packages & deliver them on time. Hence, when the USPS is already lagging behind, to move the packages quicker, they often skip the scanning which leads to the USPS tracking not found.


Make sure you’re entering the correct tracking number, if yes, then are high chances that a problem is with the letter carrier. Wait for some time or maybe contact customer service to see how they will help you. Your package will arrive even it’s showing nothing on tracking dashboard.

If your package hasn’t arrived even after 7 days of shipping then you can file a claim or file a refund request.

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