How Long Does USPS Keep Record of Tracking & Delivery Confirmation

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The most used and popular service of USPS is tracking service which allows users to check the delivery status of their mail items & packages. USPS Tracking allows users to track packages and see the probable time period of delivery. The tracking service is attached to every mail item which is shipped through USPS. In order to use this service, you need to login on (Create an account, if you haven’t one and then log in). A tracking number is required to track or locate the packages.

You cannot use this service without the tracking number;

So the tracking information is available online at and at the post office, now the question comes for How long are records kept for Tracking and Confirmation of Delivery? Well, there is a definite period for which these records are available, they are not for a lifetime.

How Long Does USPS Keep Record of Tracking & Delivery Confirmation

The time period actually depends on the type of mail classes. As you might be aware of that there are different mail classes and services. The time period depends upon the kind of mail classes and the services the customer is using. Different mail classes will have a different time of keeping records. Let’s have a look at the time period for different mail classes and services:

  • USPS Tracking Service: Up to 120 days. United States Postal Service keeps the record of tracking service for only 120 days or 4 months.
  • Certified Mail service, Priority Mail Express service, Registered Mail service, and Numbered International Mail services: Up to 2 years. These mail services are different from each other but the records are kept for a same period of time.
  • Signature Confirmation service: Up to 1 year. The records of this service are kept for only one year.
  • Adult Signature Restricted Delivery Mail / Adult Signature Required: Up to 3 years.

Also, note that users can request multiple times for Archived tracking information within the timeframes given above.

Final Thoughts:

USPS Tracking is one such service which is very beneficial from a user point of view. USPS keeps a record of tracking & delivery confirmation for a definite period of time. As you can see above that some mail classes have a record time of over a year while some are available for only 60 days. We hope everything is clear now related to this query if you still have any doubt then please visit

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